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Destination design: An integrative perspective on destinations from design studies

Greta Erschbamer, Eurac Research, Italy
Published online: 30 October 2020, JTHSM, 6(3), pp.64-66.

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4109020

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This viewpoint introduces the concept of destination design and shows perspectives and approaches for the development of destinations. Destination design allows an integral view through design studies perspectives, where elements such as transdisciplinarity, participatory approaches, creative and disruptive ways of thinking related to design studies are introduced. Moreover, design approaches are characterized by a focus on problem-solving, a mixture of creativity and analysis and its capability to break through conventional knowledge systems in order to learn and develop existing structures such as destinations. Lastly, an agenda shows how to further develop this concept and which elements need to be included for its implementation.

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