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Tourists’ risk perception towards Kashmir valley: An analysis using Tourism Risk Index

Manjula Chaudhary, Kurukshetra University, India, & Naser Ul Islam, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India
Published online: 10 June 2023, JTHSM, 9(1), pp.48-57.

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8054889

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Chaudhary, M., & Ul Islam, N. (2023). Tourists’ risk perception towards Kashmir valley: An analysis using Tourism Risk Index. Journal of Tourism, Heritage & Services Marketing, 9(1), 48–57. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.8054889

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Purpose: This research aims to present a Tourism Risk Index (TRI) for risk analysis at tourism destinations that can act as a usable tool to accurately capture the perception of risk by tourists.

Methods: The TRI for this study is developed in Kashmir valley (India). The development of index began with the assumption that general perceptions echoed through mass media and word of mouth about the lack of security in the Kashmir valley are correct. It was followed by a survey of 370 tourists visiting the valley about common types of risks identified through the literature on tourism.

Results: The results are not along expected lines rather suggest that visiting tourists perceive Kashmir valley as safe. The findings show that Kashmir valley is perceived overall as less risky on all components, and in descending order, these ranks as personal safety, natural risk, cultural risk, and human-induced risk.

Implications: Destination managers would have promoted Kashmir valley with a different level of confidence if this insight would have been available to them, and the possibility of its positive effect on the perception of tourists not visiting the valley cannot be ruled out. The index can be used to consistently track the tourism risks of Kashmir or any other destination by inclusions of new risks as they crop up from time to time.

Keywords: Kashmir Valley, risk perception, risk measurement, Tourism Risk Index

JEL Classification: G32, D81, Z32

Tourists’ Risk Perception Towards Kashmir Valley: An Analysis Using Tourism Risk Index

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